Just a note Day

Today is going to be a 'Just a Note' kind of day.  Steve an I have been so busy for the last week and a half, getting everything taken care of for tomorrow and just our normal daily life of work and teaching and family. Late nights early mornings.  Funny how when my kids were little I used to look forward to life slowing down when I hit the middle years.  I'm here in those middle years and I am still pushing it every day!  I guess I wouldn't have it any other way, Life is such an adventure, I'd hate to miss anything!   Today we are just going to relax.

I made a few cards last night for ORCAS, a CAS happy birthday.

A "note to self" on this ; remember to use a non water soluble ink when using distress stickles!
Why do I forget that all the time?  Maybe because I just love all the great colors of the Stampin' up dye inks, with the new style pad the stamped images come out beautifully the first time!

The pad is a firm foam kind of pad, not like the pigment ink pads, but firmer with a type of top layer that is very smooth.   When you ink up the ink just clings to your stamp, whether it is rubber, or polymer.  you just need a gentle tap or two and it inks up beautifully!  With the old style felt pads you really had to pound that stamp on the pad to get it inked and chances are you would still have an image with missing ink.  In my work shops I gave little demos on how to "fix" those spots, what a pain!  Now they come out beautifully!, I liked these new pads so much I got rid of all of my currant 52 colors and replaced them with the new pads.  Yes this was an investment, but I spend a lot of time on my card making and this just eliminated a big problem:  image fails.

I highly recommend these lovely pads!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a wonderful day, and don't forget to stop and smell the Cornflowers!~ Ginny


Hi Ginny!
You seem to be busy again!

Very simple but very effective, I love your cards so much. Its so simple and the colors are great!! THANKS for sharing your ideas and tips on using that lovely ink

and have a FABULOUS WEEK!

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