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Before we left our hotel on Weds.  Steve took the time to scope out any possible stamp and scrap- book shops on our way home.  To my surprise he found a wonderful shop called Life's Memories and More.  Here is the website:  This Sweet shop is located in an old school building in Palmer MA.  The retail space itself is not huge but it is crammed with crafty goodness!  I don't scrap book, but if I did this would be the place to go.  Now I do stamp and make lots and lots of cards and this IS The place to go!  This is Tanya, the shop owner!  She was more than a shopkeeper, she was a hostess!  We felt so welcomed there, like we were valued human beings with like interests!  HAve you ever walked into a small shop and have somebody look at you, or look through you? I don't need to have a new best friend everytime I walk into a shop, I do know that sometimes people have bad days, but I really don't like to be ignored, I like to have fun when I shop!! And fun we had here!

Tanya not only was a great hostess but I couldn't have asked  for a more informative helpful technique  coach if I ordered one!  Tanyas' mom also works in the shop and she was just as helpful!  Tanya as it turns out was a teacher at STCC and had Steve in one of her classes 11 years ago and remember him!  He remembered her too!  Steve had said after we left she was the nicest and most helpful teacher he had ever had in college.  Well I guess great characture doesn't change. 

Every question I asked about a product and it's use Tanya had an answer AND a sample!  I am a big visual learner so that was so helpful to me.
I purchased a bunch of H2O's (never used them before, I just loved the deep color saturation and the price!!  at $1.78 pot, I felt like how could I go wrong??  Here is a sample Tanya showed me  when I asked about the versatility of the product.
In two minutes, I had a verbal lesson of three techniques and a sample of another. 

The shop contains so many goodies and eye  candy we actually spent an hour there.  I am a speed shopper,  I go in knowing what I want, fly in, clutch it in my talons and then zoom out and put it in my nest!  I Had a hard time leaving today!  Tanya also offers coupons and incentives, classes and make and takes.  The prices are great and there is a stunning selection of TOL supplies for scrapbookers and card makers.  I love graphic 45 and there was lots of it!  I can't wait to go back and since it is only 28.9 miles away I can!! yay!  I think collecting the beautiful paper smooches metallics are on the agenda for me.  One other thing I'd like to mention is Tanya supports ORCAS, and this is a group that makes and sends cards to our troops in the battlefield and in hospitals, so that they can stay in touch with their loved ones at home.  That is so important!  Tanya and her crew of card makers have sent 17,159 cards,  all cards and shipping are 100% donation. 

You may wonder why my blog today is all about a local shop.  Well, I too am a local business owner and you can't believe how difficult it is for the little business person (or in my case micro business person) to stay a float amongst the giants in any industry.   I don't want to see anyone loose their jobs at Michaels or A.C. Moore, but unless small local businesses are supported, there won't be any.  That would be such a shame, I would like to see hard working people with integrity make more than just enough to keep the lights on. I would like to see them prosper and have their businesses be a true destination spot.  Really don't we all love that personal touch! It is in that personal touch that our own creativity is spark and fanned, a little "you can do it" goes along way. 

Some time ago, probably about 120 years ago, women had more congregating time to perfect their arts, yes I know they were slaves to laundry and floor scrubbing, but that is only one page of the history book, there are other pages where women's arts and crafts flourished and kept them through desperate times, physically and emotionally.  Did you know that in the old testament there is a prayer for the blessing of the work of our (women) hands?  There is  Ps 90:17  "And let the beauty of the LORD our God be upon us: and establish thou the work of our hands upon us; yea, the work of our hands establish thou it." from the king James version.  Even to God the creativity of women is very important.  I know he does Bless the works of our hands, even if they are cards to bless someone we don't even know!  I Hope you have a great day, if your are in the driving range of Tanya's shop go out and see her, bye something beautiful and create and share!  Have a great day! Ginny
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What an interesting post!
I felt I was with you in Tanya's shop!

I enjoyed reading your post very much,Ginny!
I also loved the stamps you purchased there!

Have a great day!

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