After yesterday's WOYWW, I thought you might like to see what was actually            birthed out of that mess! This Group of cards was commisioned, I was working with a deadline.
So it was here that I left off:
my counter tops are a big L on two of my walls, here is a partial shot of the mess:
The room is small, 9x12 and I have a ton of stuff in the drawers.  In another post I will take pictures of the room if anyone is interested ( I love looking at craft rooms - looking for ways to improve and better utilize my square footage!)

Now here are the cards I made, most of them I made at least two of:

So after they were all done, I was able to restore order:

I'd like to leave every one with this thought, the last card out of the Batch, and one my DH was very happy about, apparently John Wooden is a big sports guy.  Steve has a small glimmer of hope for me- I just really, REALLY like the Quote!
I hope Every One has a Masterpiece day!


Ginny, hi!
your cards are wonderful! Congratulations!
I liked the quote!
That is what we have to remember every morning we wake up!!!!
Start fresh every day and work to make the most out of what you have.
We need to seek to live each day to the fullest, to have things to look forward to everyday, and to not take things for granted.
Have a nice day!

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