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I thought I'd post pictures of my room, it's small and I run Maxam Sewing business (contract sewing) Maxam Made Business (commissioned Cards and Paper Supplies) Maxamum Ink (my SU business), Womens Ministries, Sunday School teaching, and and the Family business.  So all that is stuffed into 9x11 and I love it!  Steve is always helping me find solutions for space and stuff!  Here it is:
As you walk through the door, the room is 9ft deep and 11ft long

Small wall that has a closet next to the cubbies.  I keep SU workshop stuff and my DP scraps in the fabric bins, .    8.5x11 90# colored card stock for card bases  and 65# colored card stock for cutting. 6x6 cut card stock arrange by colors and storage baskets.

Light Card stocks, all over 90# for card bases,  on shelves above the stamps.  Stack pads 12x12 and 8x8. My Magenta and DeNami collections.  Not the best way to store stamps, remember playing Dominoes when you were a kid? How about the game Operation?  Well this is like both, you pull a stamp out and if you just slightly tap another one, they all start falling over! I love my wood stamps, but all my frame stamps were pulled off the wooden block and I now use them as clings.  That made using sentiments and verses so much easier!  I keep my clings in big black three ring binders.

Long wall and counter spaces. Asian + Bord collection between window and on shelves background stamps and collage/batik / postal collections. SU stamps I use for work shops sitting on the counter.

Short wall, printers, cutting machine, Stack cutter (I can cut 50+ sheets of card stock at a time with this!) , serger thread that hasn't made it out to the sewing room!

Alcove, this was a closet, Steve ripped everything out and made space for my PC. Each of  small drawers (sets) on the right of my monitor hold a SU two step stamp set.  I love that type of stamp and use them often, I love keeping each set in its own drawer! The green lidded tubs hold my bulk embossing powders.  these containers are a Fail - they have little open slots next top the grip holder. and if you tilt them they leave a little trail of powder.  I am going to replace those soon.

Underneath my computer desk,  a cart of embellisments (not fibers), wood mounted rubber stamps by category, bulk scrap black and white and a large drawer of liquid adhesives.

Drawers on the right hold my SU colored card stock scraps, drawers on the left, scissors and corner chompers, crop-a-dial, adhesives. I have my Genesis Trimmer on top and use that as a pull out cutting space.

I have room for two friends to stamp with me, using two old sewing stools that slide under the table

Above is Bell, the animals all like to be in here when I am! The cats aren't too much of a pain, Unless Tinker is walking on my open ink pads! Here he just decided to stretch out on a towel I was drying.

See the smirk, he thinks he is funny!

Ribbon and fiber storage. Luke waiting for me to trip over him, I think he must have a quota he thinks he needs to fill every day!

Closet with SU business,  shipping, home sewing  supplies and Steves' ties, sometime long long ago this room used to be his study and closet, but he gave it up for me <3.

Shelves over counter hold my text weight papers, Speed ball stamp press, bulk envelopes and mulberry papers.

All those drawers hold supplies ready to be used, one chest contains envelopes, folded card bases, cut solid card stock facings and cut designer papers and that picture is lost, oh well you get the idea!  These were purchased at home depot about 60.00 each set. A little pricey but they are built to last. we bought 10, 4 years ago and originally used them to make my giant cutting table in the sewing studio, They were repurposed last year when this room became dedicated to Maxam Me  and they are awesome, they give me storage and with a sheet of plywood covered with floor tiles - I have 10 feet of counter top,  32 drawers of storage below

And last and certainly not least Luke:

Our 170lb Great Dane that sits on our laps, leans on us and thinks he generally owns the place -     Best Dog ever!

This is it, my little space!  If any of you are in the western MA area, I have a seat waiting for you! Ginny


I love to see how other people organize their you so many ideas! Thank you for sharing!

You've got everything beautifully organized, Ginny, and it must be fantastic to have things close at hand when the creativity is flowing!

Your cat is FUNNY!

Have a blessed day!
Pat said…
Ginny, this was wonderful tour of your stamp room! Thanks so much for sharing your room and idea's with us! If you ever move to N. CALIF. you can come organize mine!! haha Hugs, Pat
Mary R. said…
Ginny , oh my I wished my space was as clean as yours I have a music room made in to my art studio and belive me its not so clean Thank you for having me here with you I see my friend pat likes your stuff too.. MaryR

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