Ebay the Subculture and a new friend.

I have a new Friend, her name is Vica.  Vica lives far away on another continent.  We met through eBay. Any of you fellow Ebayers know that eBay is a subculture.  If you buy and sell you meet through the Internet and often face to face all kinds of people.  I have been eBaying since eBay began, which I think was '97 or '98.  I started Selling for an art company, I'd take pictures with the company's State of The Art  Digital Camera: A Sony Mavica Digital camera, digital images saved to a floppy disk.  It was totally cool.  When it became less state of the art I bought it for 100.00 and started selling my own things on eBay.  I am still selling things on eBay.  That is how I "met" Vica.
She is interested in the papers for stamping that I am now selling on eBay.  Great papers with the best pricing. While that was the original point of interest, it has developed into many points of interest that we share in common which brings me back to the thought I have held for years, we are all more alike than we are different. We all want to be loved and respected, to be needed, to have someone to find fulfillment with.  Friends, Husbands, Lovers, Parents, Children, Family.  To have a full happy table to break bread at.  To have the bread to break.  The colors and shades are in thousands of variations, but the line in which we color remain the same.  It makes me think of the Loving creator who made this world, it's beauty and it's potential.  Vica makes me think of God too, she told me she was not "Officially Religious" but that she would like to say "God Bless You"  He must have heard her because he did bless me, she is part of that blessing.  One more beautiful thread in my tapestry of life.  To Celebrate my new friendship I want to return a fun blessing to her, here it is:
A fun box crammed with Stamping Stuff.  One thing Vica told me that where she is quality paper is hard to come by, she has to purchase on the net and shipping is always costly. By the time I taped this box after the picture, I threw in a bunch more stuff, papers, ribbons, stamps and great new foam stamp pad from Stampin Up.  (Those pads are so awesome, I keep saying try it, you'll love it!!) I have given more away than I have sold.  But that is okay, because I am not in this life to just buy and sell.  I am here to leave a foot print of faith.  I think of this Scripture:

             Trust in the LORD with all thine heart;               and lean not unto thine own understanding.
  In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.

Proverbs 3:5

When you live this way, it is a segway of opportunity!  I am thankful for all my friends and family you make my life beautiful! ~ Ginny


Dear Ginny,
wow!You have written about me and our conversations on your blog!What a generous, pleasant, friendly and helpful person you are! Wow!
I am so SURPRISED and EXCITED to find out about your precious gift for me! I feel thankful and embarrassed at the same time. What can I do...how can I thank you? WOW!

I wish you love, success in everything you do,health and nothing than the BEST!

Friends are like walls.Sometimes you lean on them, and sometimes it's good just knowing they are there. Thank you for everything dear Ginny!
I liked what you wrote at the end of your message. That is so much true.
Daily, we are confronted with various circumstances that try our character, test our integrity, and tempt our morality.
It is not always easy to live a good life. But I try my best! Our heart determines the course of our lives. Therefore, we are accountable for our desires, decisions, and actions. In all and every situation, we have the choice to do what is good, true, and right.

I feel so touched by your kindness! I am speechless!
May you have a blessed day!
hello dear friend!
What have you done?

I just could not believe my eyes this morning when the postman came to the door! A parcel from.....? Where is it from? From USA.. No! Not possible! So quickly!

And then I see: “Ginny" Maxam Made! I can ´t believe it! It is from my pretty Ginny!

And when I open it... Oh, my!!! Lots and lots of pretty papers and ribbons and ink and envelopes, card stock, punched scallops and buttons...

Lots of pretty colors! I don ´t know where to set my eyes, where to start first!


You know, you really touched my heart at the deepest!

What a wonderful person you are! What an artist you are!

Your card for me is splendid: So fresh and colorful and beautifully made!

I have not enough words to describe all I see and enough superlatives to thank you. You are adorable!

You are beautiful and you brightened my day with sunshine and warmth of your heart! You are so sweet!

That white card stock is FABULOUS! You were right- great product!

I will do the following…when our relative will go to New York next time I will definitely

buy some card stock packages from you! WOW! What a nice paper! I love it!

I also want to find some links on the internet for Adirondack paint you sent me to get some more information on this great product.

This brand is absolutely new for me! The pink color is very gentle!

Wow! You sent me an AWESOME SU ink pad!

This is my very first SU ink pad! I can’t believe that I will be able to try using it now!

The sample card with this ink you made looks very cool! How can I thank you for all these pleasant surprises Ginny?

...thank you so much again!

I will treasure all this craft stuff and use it in many many future projects.

All my love to you and your beautiful family.

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