Keeping the cogs turning

After I posted about 'Staying calm and carrying on ' on Friday, how little I realized I would be saying that to myself for hours and hours. Steve went into the OR at 7:30 and was supposed to be out at 12:30.  by 3:30 I was ready to pull the door off the hinges and find my sweetheart. At 4:50pm  , I was the last person in the waiting room, (I was also the first person in the waiting room at 5:30 am)  an exhausted looking surgeon came to talk to me, the 4 hour procedure took almost 9, there was just so much more cancer than expected. There were no complications, no problems, just more than the test results showed, it became much more complicated.  Steve is home now and on the mend, we still have a great prognosis. But this has changed our lives, for the next couple of weeks for sure, but this may be the threshold of the life we had been planning for. This may be the door opened for us that we were reluctant to grasp and go through.  It does happen, major changes, derailments, they can happen to us when we least expect it. Sometimes they are nightmarish, sometimes they are opportunities.  At first it is hard to tell the difference. The difference depends on which side of the door you are looking on.  When our house burned down two months after we were married and we had no insurance, well that door was pretty frightening, until we were through it then it became a door of blessing. I wish my sweet husband didn't have to go through this, that we didn't have to go through this, but like millions and millions before us, we don't have a choice in the matter. So we are going to do one of the things we do best:
Stay calm and Carry on,
we can do that because we know,
He has got the whole world and us in His hands! 

Now I am stamping, when I can, and trying to blog.  Funny thing We are all such creatures of habit , one of my habits is this Small field of art called rubber stamping.  I have heard for years people say things like stamping and scrapbooking and quilting (etc) are thier Therapy.  I never really understood that.  Maybe because I didn't understand what they meant by therapy. So I looked at in using another word.  It is my Blessing.  God gives us all gifts, and when we activate them whether or not we understand, we active the power of God within us, the power to create, to be touched by color and texture. To leave the world of rules and enter the world of gifts.  I think that is why we crave it, what ever it is we do, in that art, we spread beauty and joy, we lift our minds to a better place and bring others there too, even if only a for few minutes.

I have entered a "mingle" which is like a swap on OSA  it is a 4for4 swap with one entry for a magazine.  This was my first one:
Well I like her, but not enough to make 4 more, so I went back to the drawing board.  I decided to use some samples of silk fabric and keep this simple

Here they are, I hope you enjoyed your vist here! ~Ginny


dear Ginny!

I´m so happy to hear your spirits are up and to see your amazing cards again. These cards are a beauty. Love the vintage look!

You are very talented dear Ginny!

Great News! Steve is home already!
I am thinking of you !

have a blessed Tuesday,Vica
Beth collins said…
Hi Ginny, i recently went back on fb after awhile of being off. I am so sorry Steve had to go through what he did, and i am sorry you had to go through it also, i know it hurts just as much to see someone so dear to you go through the pains and heartache in what this world can hold, also so happy that you both have a solid relationship with the Savior of the world!
Take care and know that i will be praying for you both!
scrappymo! said…
Glad your husband is home...mine has gone through cancer too. mets to bones and lungs and survived now over 30 years!
Prayers offered for your family.
Fabulous cards!

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